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Lubricating films

25 Feb

shaving cream

Stubborn grease films, especially on the hands, can be washed away with shaving cream. For the foam as a lotion in the hands rub and rinse thoroughly.

5 minutes noodles in cheese

16 Feb

You’ve got a murder moderate hunger, but once again no time to cook something worthwhile? No problem – with this fully-cooked recipe that spoils you within 5 minutes with a delicious pasta dish in cheese sauce. You do not believe that it is really so quick? Then try it a try!

For this you need:

  • Noodles (at best short)
  • grated cheese
  • milk
  • salt and pepper

That is how it goes:

  1. Put the noodles in a large cup. Fill the cup with water until the noodles are covered and heat it for 2 minutes at full power in the microwave. The water begins to boil and is absorbed by the pasta.
  2. Put the noodles into a larger container for the next step. You can also keep them in the cup to continue working, but then you will have to move it more cautiously. Sprinkle plenty of grated cheese over the noodles. Then salt, strong pepper and pour in milk.
  3. Now mix everything again well and proceed back into the cup. The pasta must then be cooked again for one minute in the microwave.
  4. Cheese and milk are a smooth melting compound received that tastes sinfully delicious. If you like, the court passe on according to your wishes. How about fresh herbs?

Turn your beer bottles into glass cups!

28 Jan

Recycle your empty beer bottles and turn them into new glasses in just 5 easy steps:

Step 1 – Grab a beer bottle preferably with thick glass such as corona bottles. Tie a string just above the label on the empty bottle.

Step 2 – Keep the string tied and soak it in lighter fluid.

Step 3 – Put the string back on the bottle and hold it horizontally. Light the sting rotating the bottle so the flame spreads. You should hear the bottle crack slightly in about 10 seconds.

Step 4 – After you hear the crack, pour cold water on the string and the top of the bottle will fall off.


Step 5 – Now grab sandpaper and sand the edges of the bottle till it is smooth.

Expanding Frosting

21 Jan

When you buy a container of cake frosting from the store, whip it with your mixer for a few minutes to double it in size!

You will frost more cake/cupcakes with the same amount of frosting, thus eating less sugar and calories per serving.

Look better on photos with the squinch tecnique

14 Jan

In a video posted on YouTube, Peter Hurley explains what has been termed as “squinch” or what is the same, slightly squinting eyes and put a little cross-eyed. The intention is to look interesting and confident self. In this audiovisual document you can see some examples, he said, demonstrate his theory and ensures that anyone look more attractive.

How to memorize much information

7 Jan

How often regret not having more memory to remember things? Joshua Foer, a journalist and specialist in memorization, explained his technique in a video on YouTube. Foer, who was the US champion memory can remember anything, including the first hundred digits of pi. The video explains how you can memorize what you want to technique called core systems, which convert numbers into words and images. The video has had over 160,000 visits in less than a month.

Newspaper weeds away

6 Aug

Avoid weeds to go through gardening pots with the following tip:

  1. Start putting in your plants, work the nutrients in your soil.
  2. Wet Newspapers
  3. Put layers around the plants overlapping as you Go
  4. Cover with mulch and forget about weeds

Weeds will get through some gardening plastic, they will not get through wet Newspapers.

Foggy Windshield?

30 Jul

Buy a chalkboard eraser and keep it in the glove box of your car. When the windows fog, rub with the eraser! Works better than a cloth!

Kill warts on hands and feet

23 Jul

Put duct tape on warts until they are gone, even when your sleeping, only takes a couple days.

8 DIY Smartphone Photographyt Tips

19 Jul