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24 Simple Hanger Life Hacks

10 Mar

Use Toothpaste to Restore Old Sneakers

3 Jul


Use some toothpaste (which has abrasive components that help on cleaning) on a plastic scrubber (or steel wool) and scrub vigorously the sole.

Keep your outfits together

14 Nov

Use soda can tabs to keep your outfits together.


Avoid tangled necklaces while traveling

6 Jun

Thread your chain through a plastic drinking straw to avoid tangled necklaces while traveling.

Store your boots

9 May

Stick old newspaper or magazines inside your boots when you store them. This will keep the tops from flopping over and adding unsightly creases to your boots.

How to fold the sheets

22 Nov

Fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds

4 Aug

Don’t waste your time anymore folding your t-shirts. With this tip you can do it just fine and spare a lot of valuable time for other things;)

Underpants and Socks Eggroll Fold

7 Jun

Fold your underpants and socks in a compact, yet practical way for storing in your wardrobe or packing your trip.