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13 Tips on How to Survive Wild Animal Attacks

11 Jan


Open Stubborn Snack Bags

14 Jul


Sometimes snack bags are not as easy to open as expected. You can open them using two coins as a scissors:

Place two coins on the opposite sides of the bag (close together) and squeeze the bag with your thumbs, as seen in the picture.

Make fire with a steel wool and a 9-volt battery

30 Aug

Don’t have any matches or a lighter on hand but just happen to have fine steel wool and a 9-volt battery? Rub ’em together and you’ve got fire.

How to make fire with chocolate and Coke

16 Aug

This survival trick tutorial is for setting a fire on polishing the bottom of a Coke can with chocolate to focus sunlight on tinder and ignite a fire. You know, for all those times you go wilderness camping and remember the snacks but forget the lighter.